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Oxford Signature Internal Knee Navigation System Technology

If you think the Oxford® Partial Knee sounds good, wait until you hear this. Every Oxford® knee is now available with an added bonus: personalized implant positioning. We call it the Signature™** system, and it’s the knee replacement technique that’s based on your specific anatomy. Using MRI technology and patient-matched guides, the system helps surgeons plan for the alignment of your Oxford® Partial Knee. It’s the personalized approach that’s just for you, from Biomet.

Instead of relying on two-dimensional x-rays to plan your surgery, the Signature™ system uses an MRI of your knee in conjunction with computer software to create a 3-D image of your unique knee joint. The MRI is also used to create custom femoral (thighbone) and tibial (shinbone) positioning guides that fit directly onto your unique anatomy. With the combination of the MRI and Signature™ positioning guides, your surgeon has access to a greater level of detail and precision for implant positioning and alignment before the procedure.

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