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Non-Surgical Regenerative Treatment

The practice of Steve Randall, M.D. and Todd Olsen, D.O. are pleased to announce the first all-encompassing non-surgical regenerative treatment programs of their kind in Oklahoma City, What do these options mean to our patients? You now have three established biologic treatment choices that can provide long- term healing solutions for injuries and degenerative conditions that do not require invasive surgery, extensive recovery-time, ongoing rehabilitation treatments or expensive pain management therapy.

These procedures use your own body’s naturally occurring growth factors to restore damaged tissues, promote new blood vessel growth, increase tendon strength, repair cartilage and muscle, strengthen ligaments and connective tissue, and advance the healing process at the injury site, These safe, clinically accepted procedures are some of the most exciting areas of research in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine.

We are proud to now offer PRP, BMAC and AFT treatment to our patients and invite you to learn more and ask us if these treatments are right for you.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelets and growth factors promote the healing of injured tissues.

What is PRP?

With in your blood are platelets that contain growth factors that promote healing, PRP is a blend of your plasma with a high concentration of your platelets that can be precisely delivered to an injured area of soft tissue, tendon, ligament, and even vertebral discs. These therapies are a safe, non-surgical treatment option for most chronic pain conditions, wound care, and aesthetic abnormalities.

How is PRP obtained?

To generate PRP, your blood is drawn and placed in a high-yield centrifuge where your platelets are seperated to increase their concentration. These concentrated platelets are then re-suspended with a a smaller portion of plasma and introduced to the injured site.

What is PRP used to treat?

It is most commonly used to treat mild to moderate tissue degeneration. The growth and healing factors in PRP initiate the repair of your tissue and stimulate healing. Growth factors from platelets have also been credited with muscle regeneration, development of new blood vessels, increasing tendon strength, restoring mobility, and advancing wound healing.

What is the patient process?

A very safe and effective treatment, the process to make PRP begins just as if you were donating blood, however, a much smaller amount is taken (typically 30 ml to 60 ml). Processing your sample takes less than 15 minutes and the PRP is then delivered to the injury site.

Amniotic Fluid Treatment

An advancement in regenerative medicine

What is Amniotic Fluid Treatment?

Amniotic Fluid Treatment is a very safe and effective procedure that takes advantage of the human body’s ability to repair itself. Ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons have safety used AFT for more than 20 years. With AFT, the physician injects concentrated cellular elements and growth factors from amniotic fluid into the site of injury. This treatment has also been scientifically shown to support soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize scar tissue formation.

How is Amniotic Fluid obtained?

After a careful medical history is collected and all advanced eligiblity and safety requirements are met, amniotic fluid is obtained via a C-section delivery and further tested for viability. This fluid has a high concentration of growth factors and remarkable regenerative characteristics.

What is Amniotic Fluid used to treat?

For many patients with osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and degenerative arthritis, treatment options are limited to steroid injections, joint replacement surgery, and physical therapy.

Because AFT contains hyaluronic acid, this treatment lubricates joints and tendons, easing pain, and helps restore mobility. It has also reported anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fibrotic properties whose characteristics make amniotic allografts an effective wound biomaterial.

What is the patient process?

Amniotic fluid treatment is very safe and effective. An outpatient procedure, local anesthesia is applied and the AFT is delivered directly to the surgical site in the body. There is minor discomfort at the application site that goes away within few days.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Harnessing your own stem cells to heal joint and tissue conditions

What is BMAC?

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue found in the center of bones, which produces blood cells, including stem cells, that help your body fight infections. BMAC is a procedure that takes a sample of your marrow and concentrates the stem cells found within via a centrifuge. It is one of the few methods today to obtain viable and powerful stem cells.

How is BMAC obtained?

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate is obtained with a minimally invasive procedure where a small sample of your marrow is drawn and spun to isolate and concentrate the stem cells.

What is BMAC used to treat?

BMAC is most often used on patients who have an area of moderate to significant tissue degeneration. Applying concentrated BMAC to the application site has been shown to repair cartilage, muscle, marrow, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and promote new blood vessels growth. It is also used to heal chronic wounds, increase tendon strength, advance the healing process, as well as potentially regenerate discs.

What does the procedure involve?

An outpatient procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the bone marrow is obtained.

A sample of marrow is withdrawn using a specialized needle. The marrow is placed in a high-yield centrifuge to produce the stem cell concentration. The BMAC is then delivered directly to the surgical site in the body.

The extraction of the marrow takes only a few minutes, and the entire procedure usually takes one hour. There is typically minor pain at the marrow extraction site which goes away within a few days. A small dressing or bandage is kept in place at the site until healed.